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Election Not Over Yet: Recounts Underway in 14 Races Across N.C.

Two weeks after Election Day, the outcome of more than a dozen races in North Carolina is not quite decided.

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North Carolina

Women Still Underrepresented in the N.C. Legislature

Although women comprise 54 percent of registered voters in North Carolina, just 24 percent of this year’s 170 winning legislative candidates were female.

Former Governors Hunt & Martin Join McCrory in Lawsuit Against Legislature

Gov. Pat McCrory is asking North Carolina's courts to declare that commissions created by the GOP-led legislature are an unconstitutional incursion into executive-branch authority.

Snapshot: Who Has Requested Free Voter IDs in NC?

Although North Carolina’s voter ID requirement doesn’t begin until 2016, more than 600 citizens have already requested free photo identification from the DMV

This Year's Voter Turnout Was On Par With 2010

Forty-four percent of registered North Carolina voters went to the polls this fall, the same share that turned out for the last midterm election of 2010.

Low Pay Could Keep Potential Legislative Candidates Away

The issue is not about lining the pockets of politicians, but rather making legislative service a real possibility for more North Carolinians, thereby introducing a greater diversity of talent, perspectives and experience in the halls of state government.

'Moral Monday' Organizers Vow to Continue Movement in Wake of GOP Wins

"This is not a one-election movement," said Rev. William Barber, head of the state chapter of the NAACP.

No Big Changes for N.C. Politics After this Year's Vote

This year's vote was not quite a status quo election, nor was it a game-changer for North Carolina government.

McCrory: Gerrymandered Legislative Districts Make My Job Tougher

After nearly half of all winning legislative candidates were elected without opposition on Tuesday, McCrory's comment about gerrymandered districts was illuminating.

N.C. Congressional Contests Were All Blowouts

While North Carolina's U.S. Senate race was a barn burner this year, decided by a thin 1.5 percent of the vote, none of the state's 13 congressional contests were even close.

Voter 'Drop-Off' Was Down in This Year's N.C. Supreme Court Contests

Voters who turned out at the polls in 2014 were more likely to cast a ballot for the state's highest court than in years past.

N.C. Voters Want Clinton, Romney to Run for White House in 2016

With this year's vote in the history books, the political world is already turning its attention to 2016 and that year's race for the White House.

Republican Wave: Tillis Defeats Hagan, GOP Keeps Super Majority in N.C. Legislature

Some 2.9 million voters cast a ballot in North Carolina’s election this year – the most ever for a midterm contest in the state. The result: big wins for Tar Heel Republicans.
Pew: Likely Voters More Polarized Than General Public
A new report from Pew Research finds that nationally, voters likely to go to the polls in November's election are more politically polarized than the general American public.

Poll: Americans Oppose Lifetime Appointment to Supreme Court
Some 70 percent of Americans do not think members of the U.S. Supreme Court should serve for life, according to new findings from Harris Poll.
Eight Steps to Improve American Elections
At a time of increased polarization in American politics, a new report from the Washington, D.C.-based Bipartisan Policy Center offers a comprehensive look at ways to strengthen the nation’s election system.

Faith in Congress Hits Historic Lows
Nobody likes Congress. Or at least very, very few people appear to have confidence in that body, according to new numbers from Gallup.
Poll: When It Comes to Picking President, Voters Unimpressed by Washington Experience
More American voters view time in Washington as a negative trait for a potential presidential candidate than a positive part of a political resume.

As It Turns 10, a Look at Facebook's Footprint on U.S. Politics
To mark the 10th anniversary of Facebook's founding, here's a quick look at that social-media behemoth's impact on American politics.

24th Amendment, Outlawing Poll Taxes, Turns 50
"The tide of a strong national desire to bring about the broadest possible public use of the voting process runs too strong to hold back," President Lyndon Johnson said upon ratification of the amendment.

'Mitt' Is an Intimate Look at the Toll Taken By Presidential Campaigns
But political junkies could be disappointed by how little insight the film offers into the campaign's nuts and bolts.
Report: Early Voting Effective, Should Be Expanded
Early voting results in shorter lines and reduced stress at polling places on Election Day, while allowing for early detection of voter registration errors and voting system glitches, according to a study from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.