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Early Voting Gets Underway Across N.C.

We have officially reached the final phase of the 2014 elections. In just a matter of days the television ads will go silent, yard signs will disappear and the people will have spoken.

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North Carolina

Poll: Hagan Has Edge in Senate Contest, But GOP Leads Legislative Ballot

With early voting set to begin on Thursday across North Carolina, new numbers from Public Policy Polling show incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan with a slim three-point lead over Republican N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis.

VIDEO: The State of Election 2014 in North Carolina

Rob Christensen of the Raleigh News & Observer and Laura Leslie of WRAL-TV, along with Dr. Steven Greene and Dr. Andrew Taylor from N.C. State University, look at this year's elections in North Carolina.

N.C. Ranks 7th Nationally for Women in Government

However, North Carolina ranks a lowly 32nd in the nation when it comes specifically to gender parity in its legislature, where women comprise just 16 percent of the N.C. Senate and 24 percent of the N.C. House.

Poll: Hagan & Tillis Tied in U.S. Senate Contest

North Carolina's U.S. Senate contest is locked in a dead heat with three weeks to go before Election Day, according to a new poll from High Point University.

Voters Should Do Their Homework Before Heading to the Polls

Voting is the most important foundation of our democracy, but it's equally important that citizens cast an informed vote when they step into the polling place.

Poll: Majority of N.C. Voters Feel Qualified to Hold Public Office

Most North Carolina voters look at the job performance of their elected officials and say, "I could do that."

U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Same-Day Registration for N.C. Election

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a federal 4th Circuit of Appeals ruling that would have allowed same-day registration and out-of-precinct voting in North Carolina’s upcoming election.

VIDEO: N.C. Supreme Court Candidates Meet at Wake Forest University

Six of eight candidates running this year for North Carolina’s highest court – including both contenders for chief justice – met at the Wake Forest University School of Law on Tuesday.

McCrory Appoints Members to Coal Ash Commission He Opposed
Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday appointed three members to the newly formed Coal Ash Management Commission that he opposed as "another level of unneeded bureaucracy."

Consensus Growing in Support of Redistricting Reform
At a time when Republicans and Democrats fight over almost everything, this is one issue they do agree on.

With Legislative Session Done, Voters Will Now Have Final Say

As debate shifts from the legislative building in Raleigh to campaign stops across the state, it will be up to voters to determine if policies enacted by lawmakers prove popular with North Carolinians.

Political Odd Couple Hood & Fitzsimon Make Case for Redistricting Reform

The conservative and progressive thinkers have come together to push for changing the way voting maps are drawn in North Carolina.
Pew: Likely Voters More Polarized Than General Public
A new report from Pew Research finds that nationally, voters likely to go to the polls in November's election are more politically polarized than the general American public.

Poll: Americans Oppose Lifetime Appointment to Supreme Court
Some 70 percent of Americans do not think members of the U.S. Supreme Court should serve for life, according to new findings from Harris Poll.
Eight Steps to Improve American Elections
At a time of increased polarization in American politics, a new report from the Washington, D.C.-based Bipartisan Policy Center offers a comprehensive look at ways to strengthen the nation’s election system.

Faith in Congress Hits Historic Lows
Nobody likes Congress. Or at least very, very few people appear to have confidence in that body, according to new numbers from Gallup.
Poll: When It Comes to Picking President, Voters Unimpressed by Washington Experience
More American voters view time in Washington as a negative trait for a potential presidential candidate than a positive part of a political resume.

As It Turns 10, a Look at Facebook's Footprint on U.S. Politics
To mark the 10th anniversary of Facebook's founding, here's a quick look at that social-media behemoth's impact on American politics.

24th Amendment, Outlawing Poll Taxes, Turns 50
"The tide of a strong national desire to bring about the broadest possible public use of the voting process runs too strong to hold back," President Lyndon Johnson said upon ratification of the amendment.

'Mitt' Is an Intimate Look at the Toll Taken By Presidential Campaigns
But political junkies could be disappointed by how little insight the film offers into the campaign's nuts and bolts.
Report: Early Voting Effective, Should Be Expanded
Early voting results in shorter lines and reduced stress at polling places on Election Day, while allowing for early detection of voter registration errors and voting system glitches, according to a study from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.