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Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
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2013 North Carolina Political Portraits

A look at four of the key players in North Carolina's political year that was.

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Campaign Season Springs to Life Across N.C.
Yard signs have relatively little value in the grand scheme of things.

But they are a strong indication to voters that it’s time to start doing their homework on the candidates.

North Carolina

State Board of Elections Proposes Ways to Improve N.C. Voter Rolls

Staff from the N.C. State Board of Elections discussed ways to improve the maintenance of voter rolls before a legislative committee and said they were investigating possible cases of voting irregularities.

Voter Registration Deadline Nears for N.C. Primary

The voter registration deadline for the May 6 primary is April 11. If you are not registered to vote by the deadline, then you will not be able to vote in the primary. No exceptions.

Could You Afford to Serve in the N.C. Legislature?

Hurdles to serving could keep some of our state's best and brightest from running for the N.C. General Assembly and might contribute to nearly half of all legislative races having no competition on Election Day.

Snapshot: A Look at Who Has Received Free Voter IDs in N.C.

While a new voter ID requirement doesn't begin for two more years, North Carolina voters who do not have valid identification can already receive one at no cost from a DMV office.

As 'Gerrymandering' Turns 202, Is There a Real Chance for Redistricting Reform in North Carolina?

Almost half of North Carolina's legislative races will be decided before voters get to the polls in November.

Some Candidates Already Elected Before a Single Vote is Cast
More than 50 members of the N.C. General Assembly have already won their elections - because nobody chose to run against them in either a primary or the general election.

It's Time to Give N.C. Citizens a Clearer Look at Their Legislature

Providing video coverage of the N.C. General Assembly, whether online or televised, would pull the curtain back on state government and shine a light on the proceedings.

Report Shows Judicial Public Financing Was a Success in N.C.
A new report from the National Institute on Money in State Politics underscores how successful North Carolina’s system of judicial public financing was when it was available.

Mapping Voters: Dems Have Registration Edge in N.C., But GOP Has Control

An interactive map looking at voter registration by county in North Carolina.

U.S. Supreme Court Tosses Overall Cap on Campaign Contributions, Keeps Individual Limits
In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that caps on aggregate campaign contributions are unconstitutional, but left in place limits on individual donations to candidates.

12 Ways to Fix Election Systems in the U.S.
Online voter registration, early voting and improved access to polling places are among the recommendations issued by the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

As It Turns 10, a Look at Facebook's Footprint on U.S. Politics
To mark the 10th anniversary of Facebook's founding, here's a quick look at that social-media behemoth's impact on American politics.

24th Amendment, Outlawing Poll Taxes, Turns 50
"The tide of a strong national desire to bring about the broadest possible public use of the voting process runs too strong to hold back," President Lyndon Johnson said upon ratification of the amendment.

'Mitt' Is an Intimate Look at the Toll Taken By Presidential Campaigns
But political junkies could be disappointed by how little insight the film offers into the campaign's nuts and bolts.
Rise of Super PACs Marks Anniversary of 'Citizens United' Decision
The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling opened the floodgates to corporate cash in American elections.

Record Number of Voters Identify as Independents, But Fewer Call Themselves Moderate
The number of Americans self-identifying as independent voters has reached the highest rate in 25 years. But paradoxically, a smaller number are calling themselves moderate, indicating a less partisan but more ideologically polarized electorate

Report: Early Voting Effective, Should Be Expanded
Early voting results in shorter lines and reduced stress at polling places on Election Day, while allowing for early detection of voter registration errors and voting system glitches, according to a study from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.